Founded by three brothers, Upper Cut Tree Services continues to
be family owned and operated.

We love operating as a small company because we never have
to sell unnecessary work. Having lower overhead than big
companies affords us the luxury of offering truly honest and
practical advice about what your trees and shrubs actually need.
From time to time we even tell clients that  nothing  needs to be
done to their trees. Wouldn't you like to hear that?!
Our Interests
Jessie, our primary tree climber, and certified arborist, has learned his climbing and safety skills through
professionally guiding rock climbing. He is certified by the American Mountain Guides Association and by NOLS.
We pride ourselves on being one of the safest companies around and have never had a work related injury or
accident. The rest of our employees have education and experience on their sides. You can rest assured if you hire
Upper Cut Tree Service, your tree work will be done by professional certified arborists.
We feel we have created a formula for success: multiple years of tree and landscape experience, continuing
education, certifications, accreditations, exemplary safety records, integrity, honesty and most importantly, WE
  • Upper Cut has received and continues to receive multiple local city
  • Our services are requested by some of the largest construction and home
    building companies within Minnesota
  • We routinely provide services for neighboring cities and municipalities, as
    well as some of our big non-profit commercial customers
  • Our expertise is sought out even within our field, as we are contracted by
    other tree companies regularly
  • Some of our customers have become such good friends that we have
    shared holidays and fishing trips together
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Upper Cut Tree Services
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We carry full liability and workman’s compensation insurance. Pruning and removing trees is dangerous work and
should be performed only by those trained and equipped to work safely in trees. At Upper Cut, the safety of our
employees and our clients’ property is our primary concern. We make sure that all of our team member’s safety
equipment meets or exceeds the standards set forth by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
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