Why Do We Prune Trees?
Upper Cut Tree Services
Why do we prune trees?

Trees in a “natural” forest are seldom pruned and they do fine.  On the other hand, people in urban
areas insist on pruning trees frequently…

Are urbanites simply “control freaks” with a need to control some living thing?  Not exactly, there are valid
reasons (safety, health of the tree, and aesthetics) to get out there and take a good look at the structure
and condition of the trees in our landscape.  Trees in the natural forest for example tend to randomly
drop limbs (natural pruning) and fall over unpredictably during storm events or from internal decay.

Increased potential for property damage and personal injury in the urban forest dictates that limb
dropping and trees falling over should be predicted and controlled, as much as possible.  Any tree may
develop structural problems or become damaged and become a risk.  So, developing a regular
inspection and pruning cycle for landscape trees is highly recommended to help eliminate some of the